Whitehall Skate Park

I'd been putting off this project for a while. My personal kryptonite - aka hesitation - was getting the better of me. There were real reasons I wasn't getting down to the skate park, but as the real reasons ended my mind created new ones. "There won't be anyone there", "It's creepy for an old white guy to approach young and most likely black youth", "it's too hot", "it's too late", "it's too early", "there won't be anyone there", "I'll look like I'm trying to sell drugs" and on and on my mind spat out rationales for just staying home.

Yesterday I said, "f#ck it, I'm just going!"

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It must have been 90 degrees out. Or more. And when I drove past the park there were only one or two people I could see. I parked, grabbed my gear bag and walked over, resigning myself to an embarrassing photographer moment.

There were two young men skating, and a third sitting on the bench. I approached one of them, waved and said, "hey, I'm a local photographer, do you mind if I hang around and take photos of you skating?"

"Yep," and he skated off. Not that hard, really.

I've done this hundreds of times - asking to take people's photograph. As I said, I let my hesitation get the better of me when this was just another photo shoot.

Later on, four or five others joined in and one young guy in particular, John, was super eager to get some great shots. After I grovelled around on the scalding hot tarmac for 50 minutes, we did!